Bar Refaeli studies herself to learn to be sexier.

The 26-year-old supermodel - who became a model when she was just eight months old - admits she has learned how best to present herself in order to give the best pictures possible.

She said: "I've learned how to do this. I study all of my pictures.

"Which turn of the hip is sexier, which toe to curl or leg to straighten. I know every bone."

Bar - who was previously in a relationship with Leonardo Dicaprio - has always loved her career and says her earliest memories involve asking for more work.

She said: "One of my first memories was asking my mother every day when my next shoot was going to be. I'd skip school to do it. I loved nothing more than being in front of the camera, I didn't want it to stop."

Despite her steady stream of work, Bar insists she has needed help with her flawless experience.

She told Britain's GQ magazine: "I had braces put in at 13. This took a lot of hard work."