Bar Refaeli treated herself to a gold facial yesterday (01.04.14).

The Israeli supermodel shared a picture of her experiencing the expensive treatment on her Instagram account, which showed her face entirely covering in melted 24-carat precious metal.

The luxury pampering session has been tried and tested by the likes of Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman, who are fans of its anti-ageing and anti-acne properties.

Bar's extreme facial was met with a mixed reaction from fans, who were confused by the yellow liquid and suggested she didn't need to go to such extreme lengths to look beautiful.

One male admirer wrote: ''You don't need anything to be wonderful!!!!''

The treatment is said to be inspired by historical tradition, with Cleopatra sleeping in a gold mask every night and Chinese empresses reportedly using gold rollers to massage their faces.

Meanwhile, Bar's new advert has allegedly been banned from TV screens in Israel before the watershed after it was deemed too racy by the government.

The 28-year-year-old blonde is seen lying in bed with a purple Muppet in the advert for local fashion brand Hoodies, which was ruled to feature ''too many sexual insinuations'' to air before 10pm.