Bar Refaeli doesn't feel the need to be "super skinny".

The stunning model is famed for her amazing figure but says she would never want to be too thin and would rather be happy and healthy.

She said: "I don't feel the need to be super skinny, but being in shape is important. But even if I wasn't in this industry I would still want to look after myself and be healthy and keep my body in good condition."

The 26-year-old beauty says she enjoys exercising but makes sure she increases her workouts if she's got a big shoot coming up.

She said: "I always want to look my best on a shoot, or for a fashion show, so I do an extra couple of sit-ups the night before and I drink hot water with lemon to get my metabolism kick-started in the morning and to cleanse my system, but I don't do anything crazy.

"There's nothing worse than forcing yourself to spend hours in the gym when you don't enjoy it, so I do all sorts of things to work out because I get bored easily."