BAR RAFAELI feels at her sexiest when dressed in simple clothes.

The Israeli supermodel - who is dating Leonardo Dicaprio - admits she doesn't really like to get too dressed up and prefers something more casual as that's what she feels comfortable in.

She said: "It's mainly about how you feel. I wouldn't feel sexy if I was walking around in high heels, a tight top, huge earrings and an elaborate hairdo all day. But there are women who seem confident and sexy like that. It's a lot about how you move in your outfit and if you feel comfortable in it.

"I like comfortable clothes - long dresses, jeans, shorts. I like it simple and prefer not having to accessorise a lot."

Bar is a huge fashion fan and has a specially-built closet to house all her clothes.

She told Germany's OK! magazine: "I keep all my clothes in a walk-in closet. It used to drive me crazy that I got the coolest designer clothes or went shopping abroad and always had to cram everything in my suitcase. So I had the room built especially for my clothes."

Although she has many outfits, the 24-year-old beauty has a few essential items which always see her through.

She said: "Essentials for me are a pair of jeans, a perfectly fitting T-Shirt and a black leather jacket.