Four members of the 1980s hitmakers the GO-GO's and the Bangles are teaming-up for a reality show designed to launch America's next top girl band. KATHY VALENTINE and CHARLOTTE CAFFEY of the Go-Go's and SUSANNAH HOFFS and VICKI PETERSON of the Bangles will serve as co-executive producers and are also expected to have an on-camera presence on the show. The talent programme is currently in development for the 2006-2007 season on the new CW network in the US. It will search for aspiring female rockers who can not only sing, but can play their own instruments. Valentine explains, "There's a big difference between a girl group and a girl band. Hoffs adds, "Basically, we believe there are amazing female artists out there waiting for the opportunity to find each other. "We're looking to find them and then be their fairy godmothers."