British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR sparked a major security overhaul in Scotland yesterday (02DEC04), when he stepped inside a music shop to buy the new Band Aid 20 charity single.

The song - which aims to relieve the famine crisis in the Darfur area of Sudan - has already shifted more than 200,000 copies and is on course to sell 300,000 by the time the new singles chart is announced on Sunday (05DEC04).

And even Blair was keen to get his hands on a copy of the track, which features the likes of Chris Martin, Bono, Dido and Robbie Williams.

CLIVE SMITH, HMV shop manager in Edinburgh, Scotland, says, "When the store opened at 8.30am, there were, what I thought at the time, some slightly suspicious looking people hanging around the front entrance, and it was only later, when the Prime Minister came in, that I realised they must have been carrying out a security check.

"When Mr Blair came in unannounced, we were all pretty gobsmacked, to say the least. Our customer helper approached him to see if he needed any assistance, and it was only then we realised he wanted to buy copies of the Band Aid single rather than the latest album from Eminem, which is our current best seller."

03/12/2004 17:32