Former JACKASS star Bam Margera has confirmed he did spend a night with JESSICA SIMPSON - but no sex was involved.

Margera's friendship with Simpson was strained last month (MAY05), when his father told a radio station that his son and the married pop beauty had slept with each other.

And Margera is keen to clear up any misunderstanding about what actually went on after he and Simpson partied at West Hollywood's Roxy last month.

He says, "We fell asleep on her couch. Everybody was there. It was no big deal at all.

"(My dad) doesn't understand when you say 'sleep with', it means something totally different."

Margera and Simpson - whose husband Nick Lachey was in Sweden on the night in question - now send text messages "back and forth" to each other, according to the TV prankster, but have not met up or verbally spoken since his dad's radio interview.

23/06/2005 02:45