Chinese actress Bai Ling called up one of the eight spirits she claims lives inside her in order to pose naked for Playboy magazine, because she insists the real Bai Ling would never strip off in front of people.

THE CROW star insists she was terrified about being the cover girl for the June (05) issue of the magazine, and only found the courage to go through with the shoot when she called on one of her more extrovert inner spirits.

She explains, "I have eight little spirits in me and they're all different characters. Some are little girls dressed in mini-skirts, some are shy and quiet and innocent, and some are provocative and sexy, modern and wild... I'm like a house for them to live.

"Posing nude fits one of the characters in me. She's like, 'I like to pose because I look nice.' When I was shooting I liked the idea, but, when I finished, I came back to myself and thought, 'Am I doing the right thing? Is it crazy?'"

The shy actress, who refuses to kiss boyfriends unless the lights are turned off, admits she couldn't even step out of her robe at the start of the shoot.

She recalls, "Every time they came I had to put a robe on. Finally, one time, the robe was not on and the photographer said, 'Come on, you have to move.' After two days I'm running around naked.

"The first time I was able to dance in front of all the men and women there naked, I felt very beautiful and innocent... I was so free and clean."

06/05/2005 09:11