BAFTA winner Scarlett Johansson has discovered another downside of feeling older than her 19 years - men her own age are too immature to date.

The self-confessed "woman trapped in a young body" - who has wowed Hollywood with her performance in OSCAR-nominated Lost In Translation as a young wife falling in love with an older man - is frustrated with meeting men her own age, because she always has to make the first move.

She says, "They never really come good until their thirties. In the two relationships I have been in so far, I'm always the one to initiate a kiss. I don't mean that I don't get kissed back but most of the time a large chunk of it is me going in for the kiss. It's weird."

And Johansson admits she always reaches a stage in a relationship when she needs to be alone again, no matter how much she's enjoying the romance.

She adds, "Being in a relationship is great because you compromise and make decisions together. But after doing that for so long I needed to be alone. I like to make my own choices."

20/02/2004 17:12