Award-winning director LORD PUTTNAM is planning a return to movie-making - but the CHARIOTS OF FIRE star insists he'll be steering clear of his usual Hollywood hits. David Puttnam, who was awarded an Academy Fellowship at this year's (06) British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs), hasn't made a movie since 1999's My Life So Far. But the maverick director is determined to return to set as soon as his term as UK president of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) is up in two years. Despite his impatience, Puttnam vows his new projects will be a far cry from the box office favourites that propelled him to fame. He says, "If I got the right offer I would definitely do a documentary series. I haven't put my toe in the water and I don't know how hot the water is and I don't want my toe to shrivel at my time of life. "Documentaries is where I started before I made my first feature film almost by accident."