The outgoing Spanish Government are threatening to sue director PEDRO ALMODOVAR, after he accused it of planning a "coup".

The OSCAR-winner alleged the POPULAR PARTY (PP) tried to postpone last Sunday's (14MAR04) general election - in which they were defeated - with demonstrations outside their Madrid HQ to help them stay in power.

Proclaiming himself happy the party had lost office, Almodovar, who won a best Screenplay Oscar in 2003 for HABLE CON ELLA, said at a press conference to promote his new movie Bad Education on Tuesday (16MAR04), "We were on the point of having a PP coup d'etat. The PP will bring a complaint before the appropriate courts.

"I am very happy to begin again a life in a united and free country where democracy has returned."

But his comments have incensed party supporters - four thousand rallied outside the party's headquarters on Wednesday (17MAR04), denouncing Almodovar's film, which deals with sexual harassment in a religious school, as an attack on the Catholic Church.

The party are reportedly prepared to sue.

18/03/2004 21:18