Bad Boys 2 star Gabrielle Union is still shaking after shooting guns in the hit sequel - because it brought back bad memories of her 1992 rape ordeal.

The actress was raped at gunpoint when she was 19 during an after-hours robbery at the store she worked in, and she had to shoot her attacker to get free.

And now, everytime she has to hold a gun in a movie, she has to control her shaking.

Now 29, she says, "I had a real gun fight for my life. I survived and the man was convicted. From that experience, and the therapy and support of family and friends I came out stronger and wiser. I respect people's space."

Union admits she never has to dig very deep to play a wreck onscreen - she just thinks back to her ordeal.

She says, "When a gun is pointed at you, it's not entertainment. What we show in Bad Boys 2 is an ounce of what really goes on.

"In one scene I'm shaking - you can see me. I was thinking back to that night and when I fired that weapon at that man. I couldn't stop shaking. It becomes very real."

01/08/2003 19:47