Bad Boys II beauty Gabrielle Union is preparing to face the man who raped her in court next year (04), to ensure he stays behind bars.

The sexy actress, 29, was sexually assaulted and beaten by an armed serial robber when she was just 18 years old. And now that she's discovered the criminal is up for parole in the approaching months, she's made a vow to ensure he stays locked up.

She says, "In California you only really have to do a third of your time. I just found out that if you ever find yourself the victim of crime, there are victims' rights and it is absolutely your right to be there during probation hearings.

"My name, for some reason, was not on the list. So we found out and put my name on the list so when he's up for parole, I will be at his parole hearing - every one of them - making sure that he stays exactly where he is. He's a monster and he needs to be incarcerated."

07/10/2003 02:58