Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter is celebrating after he raised enough money to fund his horror movie project.

The singer turned to crowdsourcing website to garner public donations for a film called Evil Blessings, which he has co-written, and set a target of $85,000 (£56,667) to cover filming costs.

He has now smashed the target as the total reached more than $88,888 (£58,667) and Carter thanked fans for all their help, writing in a series of posts on, "Holy c**p. You guys are kicking a** on this campaign. I really can't believe it. I go to sleep, wake up and wow! We are really making a movie!... You proved the haters wrong for sure... I'm astonished... So proud of you guys."

The film was recently dealt a setback following the death of the director who was slated to take charge of filming, but Carter vowed to press on with the project.