Backstreet Boys' star A.J. MCLean can't wait for rival boyband New Kids On The Block to reform - insisting if they get their comeback right it will be "awesome".
The former boyband singer, who departed from his ageing band members to pursue a solo career earlier this year (08), urges fans of the 1990s stars to get behind the band to make their return a success.
But MCLean has urged the Hangin Tough hunks to bring out only their best tracks, warning them they could expect a critical backlash if their performances aren't up to scratch.
He says, "As long as the music's good, it'll be awesome. They've been gone for a quite a while now, but who knows? Maybe it's their time.
"They're gonna catch a bit of flak here and there, but they shouldn't let it bother them. They should just push forward."