Backstreet Boys hunk Nick Carter is urging the world to turn its back on the sex-laden lyrics of R+B and embrace rock.

The blond singer, who is a huge fan of classic rockers Journey and DEF LEPPARD, claims too much chart music is obsessed with sex.

Carter explains, "We need melodic music that has feeling. Nowadays it's about what girl you're screwing. I think the world is missing rock."

The boy band plan to focus on rock-tinged pop after their previous sound concentrated on bubblegum pop.

He says, "We've gone from R+B, then we did full pop and we've done some rock tracks. We didn't say we're going to be a rock band (but) obviously we wanted to change the product a little bit.

"It's not like we said we're going to sound like an older group, the album just took its shape."

05/07/2005 09:20