Reformed pop supergroup the Backstreet Boys have teamed up with anthem writer JOHN ONDRASIK and former SAVAGE GARDEN star Darren Hayes in a bid to offer fans a more grown-up sound on their comeback album.

The group has ditched meaningless lyrics and pleasant pop for songs about the war in Iraq and social issues.

FIVE FOR FIGHTING star Ondrasik, who wrote post-9/11 anthem Superman (IT AIN'T EASY), has penned an emotive support song for the US troops in Iraq for the five-piece, called WEIRD WORLD.

Singer Howie Dorough tells, "It's a message song. You can get so caught up in your own world, and on the other side of the world, people are fighting for our freedom. So it's a very timely song with the war going on."

Meanwhile, Australian Hayes has offered them spiritual tune LIFT ME UP.

The Backstreet Boys also collaborated with their heroes Boyz II Men on the new album.

28/01/2005 19:54