Back To The Future star Lea Thompson has her crafty cat to thank for her new movie as scheming Greg Kinnear's wife in comedy thriller Thin Ice - because she would never have met the film's writer/director if her pet hadn't been scouring the neighbourhood for food scraps.
The actress was on the hunt for a really challenging movie role when Jill Sprecher called to say she had the actress' cat.
Thompson explains, "I have a cat called Stinky Pete and he is a slut. He goes to everybody's house and pretends he's got no house and he's hungry.
"My neighbour, Jill Sprecher, called me up and said, 'We have your cat'. We went to see them and get my stupid cat for the fourth time that week and I recognised that Jill was this director that I really admired.
"She said, 'We're doing this movie and there's a part; I wonder if you'd be interested in it.' So Stinky Pete, the cat, got me the job. He will be getting (top cat food) Fancy Feast from now on. We got a crate of it. And catnip!"