Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd has opted not to rebuild the home he was trying to sell after it was destroyed by fire at the weekend (14Nov08).
The actor was shooting on location in Canada when he heard his $11 million (GBP7.3 million) Montecito, California home had been lost to wildfires, which began last Thursday night (13Nov08).
Lloyd revisited the rubble and ruins of the famous adobe-brick property with Good Morning America cameras on Sunday (16Nov08), and spoke about the devastation.
In the news segment, which aired on Monday morning (17Nov08), Lloyd said, "All this happened in minutes... It's all just sinking in.
"You watch TV, you see these kinds of incidents happening here and there, but you look with a kind of detachment because it's happening elsewhere. But suddenly, to be in the midst of it, it's a very different awareness.
"I kept delaying to go through and store (memorabilia)... Kind of don't have to worry about that now... It's just gone."