Bachman Turner Overdrive star Randy Bachman is leading a charge to bring music pirates to justice after signing on to the advisory board for Balanced Copyright for Canada.
The You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet hitmaker will aid lawmakers in clamping down on piracy in his native Canada and beyond.
Among Bachman's first acts is supporting the introduction of Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act.
He says, "Digital online piracy is making it nearly impossible for Canada's emerging artists to make it in what I think is the greatest business in the world.
"It's time that Canadians get behind copyright reform and Bill C-32, to make it a starting point for protecting the future of new Canadian artists as well as the intellectual property of artists who have been enriching Canadians' lives for years."
Balanced Copyright for Canada is a coalition of content creators, artists, and rights holders, and people who work in music, movies, video games, books, and software.
The officials believe that Canada needs to move into the digital age on the legislation that governs copyright.