Former Bachman Turner Overdrive and GUESS WHO star Randy Bachman has been honoured by the high school he was expelled from in the 1950s - governors have named a new performing arts block after him.

The rocker returned to WEST KILDONAN COLLEGIATE in Winnipeg, Canada, on Monday (20OCT03) as the school's guest of honour, when teachers unveiled the new Bachman Block.

Ironically, former Guess Who bass player BILL WALLACE has been hired to teach music at the school, and will give his lessons in the new building named after his former bandmate.

An amazed Bachman says, "Rock music used to be verboten here and now they're getting taught it by Bill Wallace."

Bachman attended the school in the late 1950s and played his very first show there in a band called THE EMBERS. He was later expelled for playing Hangman in class.

23/10/2003 08:46