A number of today's most promising bands teamed up to form a super group in honour of Love Music Hate Racism.

Members of Babyshambles, Reverend and The Makers, THE VIEW and THE NOISETTES and an ex ARCTIC MONKEY all joined forces to perform a live set at the carnival in London's Victoria Park.

According to NME magazine, the collective sand hits including HELINSKI's AMPERSOUND and THE VIEW's SAME JEANS, before closing the set with a rendition of Bruce Springsteen's hit DANCING IN THE DARK.

Other artists who performed the event included The Good The Bad and the Queen and HARD-FI.

Some 10,000 people are estimated to have attended the gig.

Meanwhile, singer Morrissey showed his dedication to the cause by donating £28,000 to the show after one if its main sponsors pulled out at the last minute.

The Guardian reports that the former SMITHS star also persuaded his management and promoters to donate the other £45,000 needed to fund the concert.

"This is a historic event, spreading an important, anti-racist, message so it must be allowed to go ahead," he told journalists. "This is something I am committed to and we appreciate everyone coming together so quickly to make it happen."

28/04/2008 11:58:09