Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has written a musical ode to his favourite British soccer team Queens Park Rangers (QPR), and hopes to release it if they ever win the prestigious FA Cup.

Doherty was inspired after hearing that composer MICHAEL NYMAN has been commissioned to write an official anthem for the London club, to be played at the start of all their matches.

Writing in British newspaper The Guardian yesterday (25OCT05), the singer/songwriter writes, "Fair play to Michael Nyman for composing the song for Queens Park Rangers to come out on to the pitch but I've already written a song for when they win the FA Cup. He could do the B-side. My song is a ska number.

"I'm quite disappointed that I wasn't asked to write the QPR anthem. I'm doing my best for them. I've got a picture of the missus (girlfriend Kate Moss) in the Rangers shirt inside the sleeve of the new Babyshambles album, DOWN IN ALBION. Now that is fantasy football."