LATEST: Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty became involved in a bloody brawl with an Italian photographer after being hit on the head with a camera, according to the troubled rocker Doherty threw himself at the snapper outside the Hotel Panama in Rome on Monday (23OCT06) and punched him several times in the face before the he was dragged away by bandmates, covered in blood And Doherty insists the incident was provoked by the photographer He says, "We had a bloody good gig and then a scrap when we got back to the hotel - all in all a good night "This rude guy just cracked me over the head with a camera I couldn't believe it and it hurt It all went a bit hazy after that and I can't remember much else "It was like a bloodbath I didn't go to hospital, I just had it cleaned up at the hotel and it still hurts now "This man kept shoving his camera in my face I asked him to back away and the next thing I knew he hit me over the head with it but I'd better leave it at that " However, the photographer claims Doherty started wildly attacking him: "He came at me like a madman He spat at me and then he was all over me, kicking and punching me "I had to go to hospital I'm covered in cuts and bruises There was no reason for how he behaved "