Babyshambles rocker Pete Doherty is facing accusations he stole a tune from a musician - and then failed to credit him. Wayne Kenyon - a former pal of Babyshambles guitarist Mik Whitnall - insists the song Baddie's Boogie is based on a composition he penned in 1997 on tour with rock group The Ferrymen. Whitnall was playing in the band at the time. And the incensed rocker has now launched action against Babyshambles. Kenyon says, "Baddie's Boogie is a tune I wrote for The Ferrymen. I have footage of me playing it at three gigs in Germany in 1997. "I have written to Babyshambles' record company and they said they were passing it on to their lawyers. But I have heard nothing since." The guitarist claims Whitnall promised he would mention him on their album Shotters Nation, but only the Babyshambles star was credited in the sleeve. Meanwhile, Doherty is also facing claims he used lyrics from punk poet Nick Toczeks on Baddie's Boogie without permission.