Rockers Babyshambles were forced to apologise for pulling out of a festival appearance - after frontman Pete Doherty missed his flight.
The controversial singer, who used to date supermodel Kate Moss, failed to show up for the group's slot at FM4 Frequency Festival in Salzburg, Austria, on Saturday (16Aug08).
His bandmates - guitarist Mik Whitnall, bass player Drew MCConnell and drummer Adam Ficek - were so upset, they issued an apology to fans - from the festival stage.
And in a statement released on Saturday, Ficek said: "Drew, Mik and myself can only apologise to those who came to see us today. Peter has missed the flight, we are in Salzburg, with no Peter. We will head to the festival and apologise on stage. Adam."
Doherty, who has been publicly battling addictions to heroin and crack cocaine for five years, is notorious for failing to show up for gigs.