Babyshambles have delayed their next album because the current indie scene is so bad.

The group - fronted by Pete Doherty - had planned to release their third LP later this year but have now postponed it to concentrate on solo projects as guitar-based music experiences a slump in popularity in the UK, while electro pop has risen to prominence.

Drummer Adam Ficek explained: "Babyshambles won't release a record until late next year when the scene is more fruitful.

"At the moment, most guitar bands are struggling. People have got bored because there's a generic sound.

"There was a lot of money going into indie music so more mediocre bands have managed to sustain a career out of it."

Despite their unhappiness with the current music scene, the 'Killamangiro' rockers are confident British music will eventually get back to its best.

Adam added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "A band similar to The Stone Roses or Oasis will emerge in the next three or four years.

"Someone young with something to say, as no bands have anything to say right now. We haven't had a good working-class band for ages.

"The kids don't want to be like Arctic Monkeys because they're not characters like Liam Gallagher or Damon Albarn."