Photographs of the members of British rockers Babyshambles playing with a shotgun have been published in a British newspaper. The pictures show guitarist MICK WHITNALL and an unknown man waving the weapon around on the Pete Doherty-fronted band's tour bus. The gun is reportedly real and was bought by Doherty - model Kate Moss' boyfriend - for GBP400 ($780) on the blackmarket, to be used for protection. A source close to the band says, "They are not toys - they are serious weapons and after a mad night the band start to forget that. "It completely kicks off on that bus after a gig. They are wired from the performance, then they all get right on the booze. "The gun gets put away when Kate is around but as soon as she's gone, it is out again. They are always boasting about it. "It's become a bit of a trophy for them now - something flash they can scare people with. "It will only be a matter of time before someone snaps and it all goes very badly wrong."