Troubled Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty was replaced by a fan from the audience on Thursday night (06Nov07) after failing to turn up to his own gig. The band were due to play at the NME Awards Launch Party at IndigO2, London, but only half the rockers showed up, with members of the band explaining that Doherty was unwell. Bassist Drew MCConnell and drummer Adam Ficek decided the show must go on, and appealed for an audience member to join them on stage to sing and play guitar. Jamie Dell, 18, from Newcastle, rose to the occasion and was helped over the barrier to sing the band's track, Carry On Up The Morning. MCConnell described Dell's performance as "beautiful" before the fan returned to the audience. He later quashed rumours Doherty - a recovering heroin addict - was back on the drugs, telling reporters, "There's a legitimate reason why he (Doherty) couldn't make it. It's not anything to do with drugs being taken, put it like that. He's our best mate and a recovering addict. It wasn't right for him to come out tonight." Doherty recently admitted that he had suffered a drug relapse, and pledged to seek further help in his attempts to tackle his heroin addiction.