British rockers Babyshambles were forced to abandon their London gig on Tuesday night (18Dec07) after frontman Pete Doherty was taken ill midway through their set. The troubled star is alleged to be suffering from a bout of flu, which caused him to vomit and faint backstage at the Rhythm Factory prior to taking to the stage. Doherty, a recovering drug addict, managed to perform eight tracks with his band before he was forced to leave the stage, insisting he was too sick to continue The band attempted to finish the set with guitarist Mick Whitnall on vocals for a solo rendition of I Wish, before choosing a different fan each time for performances of their songs Delivery, Albion and F**k Forever. During F**k Forever, bassist Dre MCConnell joked, "Thanks for humouring Babyshambles karaoke." The concert was the last of their three-night residency at the East London venue. A spokesperson for Doherty confirmed the singer's illness was not the result of drugs, saying, "(Doherty's) seen a doctor and is fine, but exhausted."