Soul star KENNETH 'Babyface' EDMONDS has "embraced" his ex-wife TRACEY's relationship with her new fiance Eddie Murphy, insisting he's pleased she's found happiness. Edmonds separated from Tracey in October 2005 after 13 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalised in June (06). But the singer/producer has no hard feelings towards the mother of his two sons, who is now planning to wed comedian/actor Murphy. He says, "Initially, when Eddie and Tracey started dating I felt a little funny at first, because it was so big. Even though they were together, the thing that bothered me most was the celebrity, the fact that it was so public (and) in your face. "So what I usually do in situations like that, if something bothers me, is I embrace it. I don't run away from it. "You have to embrace things, because the reality is if Tracey's happy with her life, then that's good, because I want the same thing for myself and she wants the same for me."