LATEST: Ex-B2K star RAZ B has retracted his comments accusing the band's former manager of paedophilia and issued a public apology for the false statements. Raz B - real name DeMario Thorton - made the shocking revelations in a new internet video, in which he and his older brother, Ricardo, claim to have been molested by Chris Stokes during their early teens. The 22-year-old Bump, Bump, Bump star went on to suggest his old bandmates, Omarion, Lil' Fizz and J-Boog, had also been victims of Stokes' reported paedophilia. In video footage posted on file-sharing website, Raz B says, "It all started with Chris Stokes. Chris was like - let me touch you... I can't speak for everybody, but if you want my personal opinion, I think he did (touch all group members)." He goes on to accuse singer/actor Marques Houston - one of Stokes' longtime clients - for also taking part in the molestation. But Stokes immediately issued a statement denying the claims, and threatened legal action for the "vehemently false" accusations which "hold no merit". And now, in another YouTube video posted on Wednesday (26Dec07), Raz B has taken back his comments, insisting the footage was released without his permission. He says, "I would like to send a public apology for some tapes that were leaked without my authority. I just wanna say that those allegations are not true with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston. I apologise for any hurt that this has caused publicly, financially..."