Aziz Ansari, the American comedian best known for his role on Parks and Recreation, is attempting to tap into a new market - comedy on demand. The actor-comedian is offering his 'Dangerously Delicious' tour material on his official website, charging fans just $5 per download.
Ansari's clever tactic will be a worrying sign for comedy labels aiming to remain the middleman - his 60 minute special is now available for fans to enjoy without having to fork out for a live-ticket. The show was filmed at the Warner Theatre in Washington DC last year. Speaking to the New York Times, Ansari said, "It's a very rare thing, where you answer to no one at all as a comedian.Now you can even put it out the way you want". Though Aziz is being praised for his business model, he's not actually the first comedian to try it. Louis C.K generated huge amounts of press when he used a similar Diy model back in December. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he earned more than $1 million within a few days of offering Louis C.K Live at the Beacon Theatre directly to fans via his official website. Back in February, comedian Jim Gaffigan announced that he'd be following suit, offering Jim Gaffigan: Mr Universe on his website for the same $5 price tag,