Azealia Banks claims lots of ''gay men are way more misogynistic than straight men''.

The 'ATM Jam' rapper got embroiled in a war of words on Twitter with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton in January 2013 during which she branded him a ''messy faggot''.

Azealia was heavily criticised for using the homophobic slur, but she doesn't regret using the word because she defines the term faggot as being an insult for misogynists - and a hatred of women is something she believes many gay guys have.

When asked if she regretted the feud with Perez in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: ''I don't regret doing it, but I'll never do it again, because I don't care enough about the person to have the battle again and defend my use of the word faggot.

''A lot of gay men are way more misogynistic than straight men. The s**t they say about women behind their backs, it's like, 'Wow, oh my God!' You can be a straight faggot, you can be a gay faggot. A faggot is anybody that hates women.''

Azealia, 23, doesn't think all gay men are misogynistic, and knows plenty of heterosexual men who have negative attitudes about women.

But the American musician - who has just released her debut album 'Broke with Expensive Taste' - thinks it is ironic that she got so much criticism for using the term faggot, when people happily sing-along to the 'n-word' and offensive swear words at her shows.

She said: ''It's like, y'all sing along to my words when I'm saying n***a and ****, but as soon as I call this one white man a faggot the whole world exploded. Listen, I didn't say all gay men are faggots; I said Perez Hilton is a faggot, so don't try and bring the rest of the gays down with your faggotry.''