Rapper Azealia Banks is convinced she sparred with celebrities on social media because she was unhappy in a relationship at the time.

The hip-hop star, 23, found fame in 2011 with her debut single 212 but failed to recreate its success as the release of her album, Broke With Expensive Taste, was regularly pushed back and she was unable to release new material.

She became well-known for her feuds with stars including Lily Allen, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and T.I., as well as bosses of her own record label, but Banks insists her bad attitude stemmed from a destructive relationship with a much older man.

She tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "I had a lot of things in my head. I was trying to be an adult, which I wasn't - I was 19. And he was 45. Once we broke up, I got the licence to be a little girl again. Now I'm happy. My first two years doing music was hard, because I was dealing with so much in my love life. I didn't enjoy it, and you could see it. I was always on Twitter arguing. I wasn't happy."

Her debut album was finally released last week (ends09Nov14).