LATEST: Axl Rose has apologised after insulting support act THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL on stage on Friday (24NOV06) and urged the cult rockers to return to the GUNS N' ROSES American tour - only to be turned down. Rose ridiculed The Eagles Of Death Metal in Cleveland, Ohio - calling them "the pigeons of s**t metal" - and frontman JESSE HUGHES immediately walked out on the lucrative tour . The NOVEMBER RAIN frontman's unprovoked attack shocked his bandmates and resulted in a string of arguments, prompting Rose to have a change of heart - but Hughes was in no mood to reconcile. He says, "By the end of the night that guy (Rose) had caused a giant uproar. It was like a total mutiny on the part of his band and everyone. "I could hear screaming in the dressing room, 'Those are our friends and you've insulted our friends.' "Then at four in the morning our tour manager gets a phone call which essentially amounted to, 'Axl's thought about it, he thought you guys were a band getting shoved on his tour from the label. He's really sorry and you're more than welcome to finish the tour.' "When my manager told me that, I just said, 'You can tell that motherf**ker to go and f**k himself because I will never go through that again.'"