Axl Rose has hit out at his former bandmate Slash in a mammoth 5,000 word essay posted on two GUNS N' ROSES fansites.
The rocker has shunned interviews to promote the band's new album Chinese Democracy, instead choosing to have his say in a series of online postings.
In the latest instalment, Rose attempts to debunk a series of claims made in the media by Slash - who quit the bank in the 1990s.
The frontman describes Slash's claim that Rose refused to go onstage at a gig until his bandmates had signed away name rights to the group as "fantasy and fallacy".
He also accuses Slash of lying about their rift in his 2007 book, disputing the guitarist's claim they clashed over differing musical directions. Rose writes, "I have the rehearsal tapes. There's nothing but Slash-based blues rock and he stopped it to both go solo and try to completely take over Guns. I was specifically told no lyrics, no melodies, no changes to anything and to sing what I was told or f**k off."
Rose also accuses Slash's new band Velvet Revolver of stealing a song written when he was in Guns N' Roses.
The band's manager Irvin Azoff recently denied claims Slash and former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff MCKagan would rejoin the group in 2009.