The two men who sparked the 2007 wildfire that almost destroyed rocker Axl Rose's Malibu, California home have been sentenced to a year behind bars.
Brian Alan Anderson, 25, and William Thomas Coppock, 26, were among the men who, according to authorities, started an illegal late-night campfire in a cave. The small blaze quickly burned out of control and ripped through the countryside near the Guns N' Roses star, who turned firefighter to save his canyon home and the properties of neighbours.
The fire, one of California's worst, destroyed 53 homes.
Both men have already served 200 days in jail. They will serve another 165.
Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Susan Speer also ordered the two men to stay away from Corral Canyon, where the fire started, and perform 500 hours of community service, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Anderson and Coppock were also told they had to write letters of apology to the 53 homeowners who lost their homes in the blaze and the five seriously injured firefighters caught in the flames.
The men will also be required to pay restitution, which will be considered at a hearing in October (10).