Pop-rocker Avril Lavigne's hit song SK8ER BOI is to be made into a feature film.

Movie studio Paramount Pictures have optioned the anthemic track about a snooty teenage girl who turns down a scruffy "sk8er boi" even though she likes him - only to regret it in the future when he becomes a big rock star.

Paramount have hired ER writer and producer DAVID ZABEL to adapt the lyrics of the tune into a full-length movie, which will be produced by MTV FILMS and Alphaville.

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER states, "Because the song has become an anthem for teenagers, the film will be true to spirit of the song."

The project will not be a musical, but be in a similar style to the studio's previous music-heavy hits, FLASHDANCE, FOOTLOOSE and SAVE THE LAST DANCE.

28/05/2003 13:38