Teen pop star Avril Lavigne was left red-faced in the audience at a recent rock gig, when the band playing took time out of performing to slam her.

Canadian Lavigne, 19, was recognised in the crowd at West Hollywood nightclub VIPER ROOM on 8 December (03) by members of METAL SHOP - who, according to American magazine US WEEKLY, stopped singing to yell, "You're not a rock star - you're a pop star!"

Lavigne, who was accompanied by pals - including CONE McCASLIN and STEVE JOCZ of SUM 41 - took the jibes in her stride.

An eyewitness says, "She was laughing."

According to fellow revellers, COMPLICATED singer Lavigne even accommodated the band's request that she lift her shirt up.

The source adds, "She had on a very sheer black bra."

18/12/2003 09:29