Avril Lavigne has disproved rumours she's engaged to SUM 41 star DERYCK WHIBLEY, by allegedly romancing his rock rival DOUG ROBB at Wednesday's (15SEP04) WORLD MUSIC AWARDS.

The COMPLICATED singer, 19, had no escort at the Las Vegas bash because her boyfriend is on tour in Canada, but ended the evening kissing and fondling the HOOBASTANIK frontman, according to Britain's The Sun newspaper.

A shocked witness says, "Avril was absolutely blathered after the awards show. She had a drink in her hand almost all night and organisers were far from happy because she was too young to drink.

"She was manic - running around the party and acting like a real rock'n'roll chick. Doug took a shine to her and they seemed to hit off straight away. They left together at about 2.30am and went back to The Venetian hotel where Avril was staying.

"I doubt Deryck will be too happy when he finds out."

17/09/2004 14:04