Teen star Avril Lavigne has formed a close friendship with shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

The SK8ER BOI singer, 19, always finds time in her busy schedule to meet up with the controversial metal man, whenever they are in the same city.

Lavigne says, "When we're in the same city, we get together and he's so cool. One time, we hung out in his room and watched movies. I went to his show a couple of times and hung out on the tour bus after.

"When we're together, it's really cool because we just sit there and totally talk. It's so healthy when I can sit down and talk to another artist who's doing what I'm doing."

However, Lavigne is quick to refute any suggestions of their relationship developing into more than friends.

She explains, "We've been hanging out, but I don't have a crush on him. Look, I am single. I am not seeing anyone. I have no boyfriend, nobody. I am very single, OK?"

14/05/2004 13:36