LATEST: Newlywed rockers Avril Lavigne and DERYCK WHIBLEY had an awkward first dance as husband and wife to THE Goo Goo Dolls' song IRIS on Saturday (15JUL06). The pop beauty, 21, and Sum 41 frontman, 26, wed at a lavish estate in Montecito, California after dating for two and a half years. In an exclusive post-wedding interview with ET CANADA, Lavigne explains, "It's my favourite song in the world. It's just a pretty ballad. "We were on the dance floor hugging and stuff. We never really danced before. "People don't really do that nowadays. The last time I really danced was at a school dance. I have danced at clubs with my friends, but as far as slow dancing goes, younger people don't go out and dance and stuff." Of the day, Lavigne adds, "It was perfect and beautiful. I'm used to going on stage and stuff but this was totally different. It was more exciting. It was the biggest moment of my life."