An Islamic political party is aiming to scrap Avril Lavigne's forthcoming concert in Malaysia - claiming the pop star is "too sexy" to perform in a Muslim country.
The Skater Boi singer is set to play a show in the country's capital Kuala Lumpur on 29 August (08), kicking off a month-long tour of Asia.
But Malaysia's opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, has urged the current government to cancel Lavigne's show - insisting she is not the type of performer who should play in a Muslim-majority country.
More than 60 per cent of Malaysia's citizens are Muslim.
A representative for the party claims the concert would promote the wrong values, especially as Lavigne is set to perform on the day before the eve of Malaysia's Independence Day on 31 August (08).
Concert organisers have denied the pop star's show incorporates any "negative elements".