Avril Lavigne's stalker investigation has taken a bizarre twist, after police learned the man accused of pestering the star was aided by his wife.

Last month (APR04), 30-year-old James Speedy was taken into custody by Seattle Police, accused of sending the 19-year-old singer harassing letters and emails - the same day Lavigne played a free concert in the Washington city.

Seattle native Speedy was later released on $5,000 (GBP2,700) bail. Police say guns and ammunition, computers and Lavigne paraphernalia were found at his home.

But American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has now learned that Speedy's wife helped book him into locations where Lavigne was performing - for the sole purpose of getting closer to the star.

The COMPLICATED singer's parents claim Speedy wrote them letters and once even showed up outside their home in Napanee, Ontario, Canada.

Police do not consider the wife an accomplice in any of the alleged crimes. Speedy has not been charged, but police say they expect charges will come soon.

20/05/2004 01:39