LATEST: Avril Lavigne's alleged stalker is fighting her lawyers in court, insisting efforts he made to get access to one of the pop star's mall concerts did not breach a restraining order filed against him.

Lavigne won the restraining order against JAMES B SPEEDY last year (03) after the Linwood, Washington, native frightened her by leaving notes, flowers and wine outside her parents' home in Ontario, Canada.

In one note, Speedy even confessed he knew his behaviour was "comparable to that of a stalker".

Speedy was then arrested in March (04) and charged with stalking when he contacted Lavigne's management in a bid to gain access to a concert.

Speedy's attorney, WAYNE FRICKEY, insists his client is no stalker, and Lavigne is being over-cautious.

Outside court in Seattle, Washington, yesterday (22SEP04), Speedy told reporters, "I don't think the type of conduct would make a reasonable person fearful. He wanted to go the concert... and made inquiries. That's it."

23/09/2004 02:26