Teen rocker Avril Lavigne has no respect for pop rival BRITNEY SPEARS - because her raunchy image is not a true reflection of the person inside.

COMPLICATED singer Avril has gone to great lengths to maintain her individuality in the face of constant pressure from stylists and record bosses to sex it up.

And she has no intention of following in Britney's scantily clad footsteps, and hopes fans see through the IN THE ZONE singer's hypocrisy.

She fumes, "Britney Spears dresses like a showgirl. She's not being herself up there because she's dancing like a ho. Is she a ho? She used to say she was a virgin!

"It's just not clicking. The way she dresses... would you walk around the street in a bra? I'm not trying to diss anyone, but with me, the clothes I wear on stage are the clothes I'd wear to school or at the mall. I'm not going to get up on stage and dress differently.

"My stylist hates me for it. She'll bring stuff to photoshoots and I'll be like, 'Nope, nope, nope, not into heels, not into pearls. I'll just wear what I've got on now.' "

29/10/2003 17:08