Teen rocker Avril Lavigne is a newcomer to the music world - but that hasn't stopped her insisting her own creative ideas are included in the recording process.

The SK8ER BOI chick has been labelled a difficult person to work with in the studio, but Avril believes she has the right to write her own tunes and not be forced to perform other people's songs.

She says, "What happened was I was working with producers who gave me their songs to sing and I sang them and I was like, 'No I don't wanna do this, I wanna write my own songs.'

"So I went to Los Angeles and said, 'I don't wanna sing other people's songs, I wanna write my own.' And they said, 'OK, go and take your time, find yourself.' So that's exactly what I did. A lot of people make stories up but that's the truth."

06/05/2003 17:23