Avril Lavigne thinks fans who have tattoos of her likeness are "incredible".

The 'What the Hell' hitmaker - who has several inkings herself - admits it can be "weird" to see the length some people will go to to prove their love for her, but she is flattered by the attention.

She said: "Lots of fans have the same tattoos I've had done, but I have seen portraits of myself. They looked like me. That's the most important thing, isn't it?

"One guy had a black-and-white portrait of my face on his shoulder. Is it weird? Yeah but it's pretty incredible. It makes you think, 'Wow my music has had an impact on their life - someone is really dedicated."

The 26-year-old star also admitted she still enjoys hearing her own music on the radio as it makes her feel "proud".

She told Q magazine: "Whenever a song of mine comes on the radio I don't switch off. Never. It's awesome. Makes me proud.

"Whenever I get to the end of making an album, I take a copy home and play it for my friends and ask them what they think. Of course, they always like it."