Canadian pop rocker Avril Lavigne loves songwriting because it means she can slob around in her pyjamas all day - and she doesn't even need to wash.

The SK8TER BOI hitmaker is holed up in a hotel composing new tracks at the moment, and loves being out of the public eye because she can relax as much as she likes.

Describing her current days, Avril says, "I'm waking up and writing every single day. (Bandmate) EVAN (TAUBENFELD) and I wake up and we get breakfast and then we hop into the living room or family room or TV room and start writing right away. It's been really great.

"I'm excited and I'm getting songs I like. In the morning I don't have to worry about what clothes to wear because I just put on my pyjamas, basically. I stay in my pyjamas all day."

She adds, "I don't have to shower. I don't have to look decent. I don't have to face any cameras. I don't have to smell good. I don't have to be presentable. And it's great, you know? I go to bed when I want, get up when I want. I don't have to go anywhere, it's all just chill."

25/07/2003 19:49